Up to 10 ppm. Select a smaller preset ratio] key: Do not touchthe fusing unit when removingmisfed paper. Be sure to ask your network administrator for thecorrect IP address, subnet mask, and defaultgateway to be entered. Thefunction remains enabled until you disable it.

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There are no anticipated carcinogenic effects from exposure based on animal testsperformed using toner.

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See “Checking and clearing document data in a box” on page Note that this may reduce the maximum number ofdestinations normally that can be stored.

Note that the Windows network environment must already be established.

Usage List page scamner can be printed out which shows the time used fortransmission and pages transmitted by each account. First check the misfeed location.

The first half of this manual contains general information on the machine, including safety precautions and theprocedures for loading paper, removing misfeeds, scanher performing regular maintenance.

For details on the scan settings, click the [Help] button in thepreview screen to display Help.

Sharp 64 bit Windows 8.1 Driver Required

Follow the steps below to replace the toner cartridge. Settings adjusted in this way will be the initial settingswhen you print from an application. Begin the following procedure from the base screen ofFax mode.


Three exposure modes are available: The original scan size setting is smaller than the actual originalsize. Select convenient copy functions after pressing the [COPY] key to select copy mode. Click the [start] button and then click[Control Panel]. Use the alert message function to send alertinformation, such as empty toner and paper andtrouble including paper misfeeds, to specifieddestinations when such problems occur. Theadministrator must change the password from the factory default setting.

Page 45 Part 2: When used as intended according to instructions, studies do notindicate any symptoms of fibrosis will occur. The network scanner function is used to af-m162 paper-basedinformation such as a photo scannerr document into image data for transmission over a corporate network intranet or theInternet to an FTP server or computer. If the [Fit to Page] setting is selected in Windows,make sure that the paper size selected in the “Fit To Paper Size”drop-down list is the same as the size of the paper loaded in the tray.

Time selections are “30 SEC.

Sharp 64 bit Windows Driver Required – Microsoft Community

Select the setting for which you wish to prohibit changes. Border line selections are solid line, broken line, or none.

If you wish to use a tray other than the automatically selected tray for example you wish to enlarge orreduce the copy or use the bypass traypress the [PAPER] key to select the desired tray. Click [Destination] in the menu frameof the Web page. Laptops by Dan Ackerman Nov 26, Location BIf paper is misfed here, go to”Misfeed in B” page Caution8If a different language appears,switch to English.


Up to 16 ppm. Configuring the machine as a shared printer enables computers that are not directly connected to the machine toprint to the machine.

Printing text in blackText that is any color other than white is printed in black. Be sure to read the Readme file Readme. Do not touchthe fusing unit when removingmisfed paper.

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Install the PPD fileas needed. Printer Status Monitor for general users Printer Administration Scwnner forthe administrator This allows the user to check on the computer screenwhether or not the machine is able to print.