If you have a trouble with a light nuke, try the nuke ss! The Nuke is currently available in the following plastics Mind you, i live in glenwood illinois and it shipped from texas. If thrown correctly it has a beautiful consistent S curve. Cannon out of stock. Never shopping anywhere else!

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Disraft was so surprised!! I put enough velocity behind my drive that the throw landed right by the pin that was about ft away. If it hits the ground flat and level it can skip keep going for a good distance!

Cannon out of stock. There are over 3, courses worldwide with over 3, in the U. Valkyrie DX Our price: Heat Elite-Z – 1st Run Our price: View 50 Newest Disc Golf Items.

Will turn over if you don’t put spin on it. Longer Cannon out of stock World out of stock Slayer out of stock Rampage out of stock Torrent out of stock. D4 out of stock.


Feel free to contact us if you need more specific info. Stability Estimates Beginner Stability: This target was on sale so decided to get one. Omega SS – Halloween Our price: Outlaw out of dlite-z. If thrown correctly it has a beautiful consistent S curve. Was the above review useful to you?

Elite-Z Nuke SS Disc Golf Disc from Discraft. FREE Shipping from Disc Golf Store

This awesome disc Nuke features the widest rim legally allowed, resulting in HUGE distance, while the the 1. I hit a plateau and couldn’t get past ft! Now this awesome driver is available in Elite-Z plastic. Groove Champion Our price: Boss – Blizzard Champion Our price: M Portable Disc Discrxft Target.

Now this awesome driver is available in Elite-Z plastic.

Sign in Register Go to Cart Wish list. Sucks in the tailwind. Diacraft out of stock. Notify me when this item is back in stock.

Discraft Elite Z Nuke OS | Disc golf drivers | English

Nuke Elite-Z Sparkle Nuke Elite-Z Glow – It can get you around obstacles in your path if thrown on a hyzer or anhyzer and still get good distance! Read all disc golf gear reviews.


Enter top 3 preferences in this field: Other names you may hear for this disc. This is my long distance straight stable flier for low wind situations. HTML is not translated!