Quentin Stafford-Fraser , Martin King. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. DisplayLink is supported on macOS DisplayLink finally responded to this in August by releasing a binary driver for Ubuntu, which supports all current USB 3. No memes or follow-ups to picture posts “I see your Ubuntu-CDs and give you these I was considering getting an AMD so I can use good open source drivers the ones in Vega have been reported to be very good.

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It also allows multiple displays to be connected to a single computer. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. I installed it again ran into the login loop, like the one I had in closed source nvidia Older drivers and locations: DisplayLink technology does not install any hardware on the USB host device, therefore a driver must be installed.

I was considering getting an AMD sojrce I can soyrce good open source drivers the ones in Vega have been reported to be very good. Last edited Wed 08 May If you have a fd. Seriously — it’s been a while since you called.


The LDP are a group of Linux kernel developers over strong and project managers over 10 that develop and maintain Linux kernel drivers. Chrome now blocks ads on deceptive websites.


It is called udlfb. It’s still very much under development, but it’s possible to write custom applications to it today or to libdlo user mode library displaylin, bypassing udlfb.

There is no support for Windows RT versions. Retrieved from opdn https: Fedora – See post at http: Discussion regarding libdlo or DisplayLink support for Linux should use the libdlo mailing list on freedesktop. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

From around the web. Quentin Stafford-Fraser and Martin King.

Linux and Open Source – DisplayLink Forum

Intel’s dispaylink network on a stick’ brings AI training to you. Every hardware or software supplier using DisplayLink embedded technology can use Listeq’s unique solution for controlling DisplayLink embedded devices.

An article on the company’s website lays the blame with Apple. It also integrated a new compression scheme, called DL3. In NovemberNewnham Research renamed itself to DisplayLink, a name that better described their display connection technology. Want to add to the discussion? Am still not sure about it.


Hit the read link to get started, or check out the full PR bit after the break. This wiki is undergoing conversion.

Further information about using the open source driver on different Linux distributions can be found in this article. The SDK is available and maintained by Listeq. On the prop drivers the screen will tear over time.

DisplayLink makes Linux source code available… finally!

There was a DisplayLink-supported open source project called libdlo with the goal of bringing support to Linux and other platforms. Please visit the Listeq website for more information about the SDK. I really don’t have a good answer for you, besides buying a Vega coming soon or Intel eisplaylink laptop.

I am having a different issue-somewhat similar to yours.