A show can also playback to audio by pressing theAUDIO button at any time, after a show has been selected for playback. You can create your own profiles. I can no longer use the magic cause i have two design spot E’s which are 21 channels each. Or point us to the URL where the manual is located. This controller can be used for any dmx fixture that is no more than 16 DMX channels total. Page 17 Magic Section Record ScenesThis next section will take you through the necessary steps to record scenes.

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And finally an American DJ Nucleus, which again i am unlike to control by dmx other than to turn it on or off. Page 25 Magic Section Patch FixturesThe Patch Fixture menu option allows you to view and make changes to your fixture address patch if desired.

Page ,agic Magic Section You may need to purchase our USB stick. Sign In or Register.

Elation MAGIC Manuals

Page 16 Magic Section Magic includes an on board helpbutton that offers step by step instructions on programming scenes and shows in both English andSpanish. Erase All MemoryThe next set of instructions will allow for ALL programmed memory, including presets, scenes and shows,to be erased in one shot. When this wheel is eltaion clockwise, the fixtures next fourchannels will display in eltion LCD.


Adjusting the speed fader before or during showplayback will temporarily change the programmed speed time to run at the current setting.

The small DATA wheel, wheel 5, is used to view additional fixture channels. Page 26 Magic Section My dmx is a good way too go.

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Page 13 Magic Section Page 19 Magic Section Elation Professional products are designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of United Statesand International safety regulations. Tell us about it.

Page 18 Magic Section 1 6: You must be signed in to continue. A Send window will pop up. Record ScenesThis next section will take you through the necessary steps to record scenes. It has certain software on it.

Page 34 Magic Section What are your exact needs? NOThe reason f or this message is the internal memory does not recogniz e the newlysel ected fi xture as being part of any Scenes or Shows currently stored in the consol e. Press DATA wheel 4 when youwant the show to resume usg playback.


Magic Section 1 6: Because the Magic utilizes fixture profiles, you can set your DMX addresses based on the Channel setting inthe Patch Fixture option. Be sure to follow the flow chart in the exact order described to insureproper setup, programming and playback procedures. Turn counter clockwise tomake the display brighter and clockwise to make it less bright. This means each time a new scene isselected, the old scene will automatically switch OFF.

You simple bridge the fixture across two fixture buttons instead of one.

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Page 32 Magic Section You can actually get the Magic to do fixtures larger then 16 channels, it just isn’t fun. If you have not done so, please do so now then proceed to step 1 below. Several times I used it, Windows crashed halfway through the mzgic.