And of the ones with an open place of business, none of them have most of the gear on hand of the manufacturers they represent. It mostly sounds just right all things considered including my ears, room and brain, of course. The comparative reviews are great tools, because they let me minimize the chaos of in-home auditions to one or two manufacturers, and give me a way to focus on auditions that I will arm-twist my local retailers for. PS Audio Stellar three-fer. Greatest Bits

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Supposed to be better or more quiet, I think. By the mere mentioning of the DCS in this review, I am giving the newest boy round the block the biggest break possible, and the exD DAC, in the right system, can shine brightly. Not to mention the impact on my cashflow. USB Audio Class 2.

exD USB-SPDIF Converter (ideal for dCS/EMM Labs equipment) [Expired]

This aspect—how it sounds—will ed our primary focus and if you want a teaser I’ll admit right here up front that I did all I could to prolong the review period. Submitted by ednaz on September 28, – I’ll also mention that there is a slight tick sound when switching between DSD tracks using Audirvana Plus.

I had the exD in my system Submitted by tbrads on September 28, – 2: Shopping for a DAC now, in fact, and in listening to the two that one retailer stocks, and the two that another stocks, my opinions seem to swing wildly with type of music.

There are others doing this sort of thing too.

It mostly sounds just right all things considered edx my ears, room uusb brain, of course. While that puts the exD in the same critical segment as the DCS, both have their relative differences in design philosophy. The whole experience is surreal, just like hearing the song for the first time all over again, with more depth and air in between the intimacy of the piano and Jennifer voice.


At ussb they were us I think DACs may be the component most fraught with subjectivity, at least in my experience. AudioStream’s Products of the Year But I am really reaching well into the listening experience to pull out these very minor points and I want to stress that they did not detract from my enjoyment in the least.

It does not sound slow or dark, or bright, fast and lit up. It’s a great time to be a Cambridge Uxb is doing it with their polynomial curve fitting algorithm licensed from Anagram.

Of course the Mytek also includes a preamp, additional digital inputs and a headphone amp along with a bunch of other features so we’re not really comparing apples to apples and ones choice for one over the other in terms of ussb quality will come down to personal preference and system synergies.

Tips for getting the most from Roon Software. To audition in my own home, I’d have to order and ezd for gear from each of the manufacturers of interest who will give me a trial period, and send back what I don’t keep.

Qobuz announces US pricing plan, will Tidal feel the heat? So I can’t go listen to comparisons on the retailers’ gear bringing along my component that I’m looking to replace. In most system, only the first three pedal notes can be heard, but with the Bryston BOT-1 and the exD DAC playing via BDP-1, I could hear distinctly, each and every piano pedal note, crystal clear, with spring creaks and sponge dampening the wires on the inner piano body.


Ubs who did what, when and how is as relevant as knowing what DAC chip is inside any given DAC which is to say it matters as much or as little as you care to imagine since what really matters is how the finished product sounds.

Heco Direkt Einklang July 16, Interpolation is not really new. Of the dozen or so “retailers” who show up in my state on any one gear manufacturer’s site, only three or four at most actually have an open exr of business.

Sonore/exD DSD USB DAC |

So I shall retract the second point, as it is actually non-valid! Create new account Request new password.

Solo piano rings out true, string instruments sound fitfully plucky, and human voices are portrayed lovingly really. Aurender N10 preview and a lack of subtlety. Very classy looking indeed. There have been a few success stories lately, one fine example is Mod Wright Audio sold by Centre Circle Audiowhose DIY mod origins have been totally shed over the span of a few yews and several design changes, each lot with improved aesthetics and better reliability.

The other five surface of the box is milled from polished aluminium with satin surface texture.