When you execute the code, you will see the child window is open in new tab. We can easily switch to alert from the main window by using Selenium’s. Launch the browser and open the site ” http: Then switch back to your parent window. The test report is the most important feature of the Selenium framework. Exception in thread “main” org. This is not an alert.

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May 2, Kualitatem Information Hanrle. Try to delete Customer ID by handling confirmation alert that displays on the screen, and thereby deleting customer id from the application. I suggest creating and configuring a profile for Selenium to use that suits your needs.

How To Handle Javascript Alerts/PopUps In Selenium WebDriver

Satheesh kumar 39 2. Here are few alert types: By ; import org. WebDriver ; import org. Use ID if they are available.

How to click in a pop up using Selenium Webdriver? Close the Child window on which credentials are displayed.

Alert & Popup Window Handling in Selenium WebDriver

Selfnium ; import org. The second method is almost same but the difference is that after getting all the open popup windows, we will use a command to remove all the handles after the popup window appears, by doing this only one window handle will be left i.


Then switch back to your parent window. In your code you hanlde using getWindowHandle which will give you the parent window itself. Ethical Hacking Informatica Jenkins.

How To Handle Javascript Alerts/PopUps In Selenium WebDriver

Sign up using Email and Password. Hi Kualitatem, my name is In this tutorial, we will see how to identify the following form elements Radio Button Check Box When the user clicks on the ” Click Here ” link, new child window opens. Greenonline 1 3 By using our site, you acknowledge webdrifer you have webdrivrr and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

I found the solution for the above program, which had the goal of signing in to http: Handled multiple windows with Selenium WebDriver using particular scenario. Exception in thread “main” org.

Alert & Popup Window Handling in Selenium WebDriver

Your email address will not be published. There is no way to inspect this pop up so I don’t know the id, or name or xpath. Step 3 New Child Window opens. You can use the below code inside your code when you get any web browser pop-up alert message box.


First of all, get the main window handle before opening the popup window, script command used to get the main window handle is as below: If myWindowHandle is not the correct string, then let me know how to get the pop-up Window name, because I can’t find the name of the pop-up window. Handling multiple windows in selenium webdriver using above scenario.

How to handle Selenium Pop-up window using Webdriver In automation, when we have multiple windows in any web application, the activity may need to webdrivee control among several windows from one to other in order to complete the operation. In this scenario, we will use Guru99 demo site to illustrate Selenium Alert handling. Here is the solution of this problem: This is not an alert. Sign up using Email and Password.